Aluminum Roofing Contractors in Maine

A few years ago, I realized that sooner rather than later my roof would need some serious repair if not complete replacement. When I purchased my home, it had the generic asphalt shingles that most homes have. The roof had last been fixed a reasonable amount of time ago and it seemed a simple and easy roofing solution. When the housing inspector looked over my house, he warned me that the roof was at that stage of life when it would all be frightfully downhill and even the casual (though necessary) roof maintenance would do little to lengthen its life.

When the time finally came to replace my roof I had to make an important decision: stick with the asphalt shingles or look into something new? After all, roofing technology had expanded a great deal since this roof had been placed. I took the initiative to speak with the professionals regarding my options and I was surprised to hear so many recommendations for aluminum roofing in Maine.

Heavy Metal: Choosing Aluminum Roofing in Maine

Metal roofing? I was familiar with asphalt, tar, and slate, but metal? I soon learned that aluminum is a durable and long lasting roofing material that would most likely out last any asphalt shingle roofing choice. Though similar to the asphalt shingles, there would be a choice of aesthetic options as aluminum roofing material was available as roof tiles, shingles, shake, as well as in slate styles. When the roofing company discussed the long life and the very low maintenance that was required it was difficult to resist aluminum roofing. Maine, however, has distinct weather: a lot of it and not always pleasant?

Finding the Best Aluminum Roofing Contractor in Maine

How would weather treat aluminum roofing in Maine? The roofing company explained to me that aluminum roofing came in interlocking or overlapping styles. Think along the lines of fish scales with each individual aluminum piece placed tightly with the other pieces. However, aluminum roofing is not designed to be completely water tight and small spaces would exist between these "scales." Though I would not have to worry so much about wetness resulting from rain and snow, I would have to be concerned with passive water collection. It's necessary to have an ice or water shield installed, along with the aluminum roof, to protect my roof from moisture and condensation that accumulates as a result of day to day humidity.

Aluminum roofing in Maine initially seemed like a surprising idea. After all, I was not familiar with any family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers that had an aluminum roof. And switching from a generic and standard roofing type such as asphalt shingles was a concern. Ultimately though, the efficiency, the aesthetic look, the terrific quality, and the promise of extended and long lasting roof life won me over. I am glad that I embraced a metal roof and kicked off the tradition and the familiar of an asphalt roof.

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