Asphalt Shingle Cost Maine

There is no set answer for determining asphalt shingle cost. Maine homeowners who are estimating what a new roof is going to cost them should start with finding the cost of the initial material, the asphalt shingle. Cost for Maine roofs then will include many other factors.

Asphalt Shingle Cost: A Maine Homeowner's Guide

You'll quickly find that there is not a single standard asphalt shingle on the market. With the various types available there is also not a single stardard asphalt shingle cost. Maine homeowners have many choices in design and even materials, which affect the costs. Here are some:

What many people consider the standard asphalt shingle is also the most affordable and the most popular. This is the three-tab shingle that is commonly seen on homes and dominates the market for any roofing materials. But even this shingle has different grades and materials. There are organic and fiberglass based three-tab shingles, and although organic may seem like a better idea, fiberglass is known to hold up longer. Shingles should have a minimum ASTM grading of 225 for organic, and 3462 for fiberglass. The cheapest shingles are probably below this grade. Those with satisfactory grading will run around $42/per square, or 100 square feet.
Architectural shingles are the next highest in asphalt shingle cost. Maine homeowners often choose these because they are still economical, but have textures laminated into them that make them appear to have shadows or to mimic more expensive materials. They range in price from $55/square to $85/square.
Luxury and designer shingles are the highest for asphalt shingle cost. A Maine homeowner who wants a real slate roof can opt for these to save money in both materials and installation. They range from a decent one at $67/square to one that is very slately in appearance and costs $155/square.

When estimating the cost of your roof project, look beyond the asphalt shingle cost. Maine homes typically have well-pitched roofs, so your roof may have much more square footage than your interior space. Make sure you get an accurate measurement of the square footage, and then add 10% for waste.

Asphalt Shingle Contractors in Yarmouth, ME

If you need to remove the old roof, figure in another $1-$4 per square foot, which is a whopping $100 to $400 per square, if you hire someone. If you do it yourself, figure in your time and also disposal fees.

You may need to replace roof decking if the old roof has deteriorated enough to cause leaks and water damage to the decking. You will have nails, felt, flashing, and sealants for roof openings as additions to your asphalt shingle cost. Maine weather may make additional ice and water shielding a good idea.

If you're not doing it yourself, installation often comes as a bid with all materials included, and even if you go with this, knowing the true cost of the materials will help you know if you're getting a fair deal with the installation. All these things will help determine your true asphalt shingle cost. Maine homeowners will benefit by taking the time to add everything up.

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