Asphalt Shingles Estimates Maine

Before planning your roofing project you'll want to know what the cost ranges are before making your choices. When determining asphalt shingle estimates, Maine homeowners will have several considerations.

One of these is the style of the asphalt shingle. Estimates in Maine range from $40 per square (10 ft by 10 ft area) to $155. All asphalt shingles should have an ASTM grading of 225 for organic shingles and 3462 for fiberglass. If you find asphalt shingles for less than $40 per square, they are probably graded lower than those numbers.

Three-tab is the most typical asphalt shingle. Estimates for Maine homeowners will be the lowest with this material, which is why it is the most commonly seen and widely used of all asphalt shingles.

Asphalt Shingle Estimates: A Maine Homeowner's Guide

Architectural shingles are laminated and textured to appear shadowed or to look like a more expensive material. They are offered in more colors and often have a different shape, like rounded edges. They range from $55 per square to $85.

Luxury/designer styles is the most expensive asphalt shingle. Estimates in Maine have a wide range. The cheapest is around $70 per square and they can run up to $160 per square.

Determining the cost of your other materials is the next step in asphalt shingle estimates. Maine weather, with dramatic seasonal changes, might make investing in extra materials a good idea, even if they add to the cost. These could include ice and water shields, leak barriers, and self-adhering underlayment. Besides that, if your old roof leaked, you may have to replace damaged roof decking. At the very least, however, for any job you will need underlayment, nails, flashing, and sealants for roof openings.

Saco Maine Asphalt Shingles Estimates

Removing the old roof should be included in your asphalt shingle estimates. A Maine home with only one or two layers of old shingles can be left as-is, but otherwise you'll be paying someone $100-$400 per square for removal, or at the very least paying disposal fees if you do it yourself.

Labor costs are a part of asphalt shingle estimates. In Maine, some people choose to do the work themselves. Even then, you may consider your time as having value, and can use this to help keep your estimate realistic.

If you hire a roofing contractor, the project bid will probably include materials. It's still good to put together your own materials estimate so that you can determine how fair the labor charges are. In addition, you may be able to save money by gathering the materials yourself. Ask to see the bid broken into materials and labor to determine this.

Be careful when figuring cost savings into asphalt shingle estimates. Maine has challenging weather, with weather ranging from blazing sun to ice and snow. Skimping on roofing costs could cost you more in the long run through repairs and replacements. By doing your research and understanding the costs, you can make the wisest decision for what is a long term investment.

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