Asphalt Shingles Price Maine

Everywhere you look people use asphalt shingles more than any other roofing material. Obviously, a major reason for picking asphalt shingles is price. Maine construction costs are high under the best circumstances. So finding an economical roofing material is important if you want to stay on budget.

I'm no different when it comes to budgeting. I want the best for my money and when I had to replace my roof I decided to use asphalt shingles. The price of Maine roofing varies a lot, I found out. I could get 3-tab shingles for around $40 a square, or I could make my house look a lot better with architectural shingles for less than $100. Not bad!

Asphalt Shingles Price: A Maine Story

I started the project by measuring the square footage of the roof. I used an online calculator to figure out the roof space, measuring the outside dimensions of my house and figuring in for pitch and overhang. I then calculated how much roofing I'd need, including 10% extra for waste. With that, I knew how much I'd have to buy.

I really wanted designer asphalt shingles. The price in Maine, though, was more than I could handle.
There are some that look exactly like slate, and although I know they're cheaper than the real thing, at $155 a square it was out of my range. I ended up choosing a $55 a square architectural shingle.

The next thing was to figure in all the supplies I'd need. I had to figure out how many nails I needed, how much felt paper (underlayment), and then of course I needed flashing around the chimney and vents, plus the sealants for those things.

Asphalt Shingles Price in Freeport Maine

There's more costs of putting in asphalt shingles. The price of Maine weather is going to cost you later on if you don't do everything you can to protect your roof. For me, that meant buying an additional ice and water shield. I could have also bought a leak barrier, but I felt the shield would be enough protection. That and regular cleaning and maintenance.

I'm going to get the lowest asphalt shingles price. Maine homeowners like me, who are willing and able, can easily put on an asphalt shingle roof without having to pay a roofing contractor. In addition, my house isn't that old and it's got the original single layer of asphalt shingles on it. I can roof right over the top of them, so I'll save myself the extra labor and money of removing and disposing of the old roof. If I need help with the flashing I'll call it in then, but I'm pretty confident, with the internet to help guide me, that I can do it myself.

Overall, I think I made a good choice. The asphalt shingles price, in Maine, where we take pride in our homes, is reasonable while still keeping my home and property values up. It's a resilient product and should handle the challenges that Maine weather hands to any roof. Now, it's time to stop writing and start roofing!

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