Commercial Roof Estimates

It's difficult for many to understand what a fair and reasonable commercial roof estimate entails. Although you are going to be understandably tempted by the least expensive estimate, knowing why some estimates are more expense could save you money in the long run.

The good news is that generally commercial roof estimates are lower than residential. One reason for this is that the projects are usually on a much larger scale, and often the roof is a wide expanse of flat surface, rather than one with dormers, valleys, and a substantial pitch. Another reason is that liability insurance is more reasonable on commercial projects.

Commercial Roof Estimates -What goes into them, and how they come up with the numbers.

Insurance is a major factor when examining commercial roof estimates. Workmen's compensation is very expensive, as well as adequate liability. Companies who don't carry full insurance can offer lower estimates, however; you are putting yourself and your company at risk of loss if a laborer is injured on the job or there is damage to your building.

Warranties are also a factor in commercial roof estimates. Some commercial roofing materials are known to fail and leak within 5 to 8 years of installation. A good roofing contractor will offer warranties not only on the materials, but on labor and installation, which has impact on the life of the roof.

Commercial roof estimates are also based on the difficulty of the job. Issues that will drive up the estimate are existing roof removal, the present condition of the roof, the presence of gravel if you have a flat roof, and the number of roof penetrations such as HVAC systems, rods, skylights, and vents.

Commercial Roof Estimates and Inspections in Portland, ME

The materials will also make a difference in commercial roof estimates. For instance, on flat roofs, some materials such as EPDM rubber roofing are popular because they are inexpensive. However they tend to fail at the seams early because of UV rays and stress from extreme temperature changes. An EPDM lifespan is 12-25 years. An IB PVC roof is expensive but can last without significant repair costs for 30 years.

Extra materials that will prolong your roof and possibly save you in energy will add costs to commercial roof estimates, but they can often add value that erases the costs. For flat roofs, for example, adding tapered insulation will not only reduce cooling and heating costs, it will prevent water ponding, which eventually breaks down your flat roofing.

The roofing contractor must also make up for company overhead, and this is often reflected in commercial roof estimates. Advertising and marketing, as well as business costs such as facilities, offices, equipment, and vehicles are all factored in.

Ultimately it is you and your budget that will choose from the commercial roof estimates you've gathered. Bear in mind that the least expensive estimate could be the most costly over time. Make sure that you protect yourself by getting not just the best estimate, but the best roof installed by the best workers and covered with the best warranties.

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