Commercial Roof Replacement Cost Maine

An unpleasant and unavoidable business expensive is commercial roof replacement. The cost in Maine for a replacement roof can surpass the original cost of new commercial construction. There are reasons for this extra cost.

There are no repairs involved in installing a new commercial roof. Replacement cost in Maine includes repairs to the roof decking and under layer materials, which are inevitable with the severe weather that Maine experiences.
There is no roof removal necessary before putting in a new commercial roof. Replacement cost in Maine could involve the removal and disposal of multiple layers of materials.

Commercial Roof Replacement Cost in Maine

Weather and climate drive up commercial roof replacement cost. Maine weather takes a toll on roofing. Harsh summer UV rains from the sun damage roofing and break down seals. The icy winters cause heavy snow load, as well as ice and thaw changes, which cracks seams and seals. An cheap roof is going to last maybe 5 years before it begins leaking.

The difficulty of the roof will also affect commercial roof replacement cost. Maine commercial buildings are often flat with many penetrations such as vents, skylights, HVAC units, poles. All of these will need to be flashed and sealed. Sloped roofs have their own challenges to deal with, such as ridges, valleys, eaves, and gutters.

Materials are one of the greatest factors in commercial roof replacement cost. Maine business owners should be wise in choosing materials based on price. For example, EPDM rubber roofing is a popular choice because it's so inexpensive, but the dramatic climate changes in Maine will cause it to leak earlier than other materials, and in Maine you'll be lucky to get 15 years out of it.

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Commercial roof replacement cost for Maine business owners must always factor in the weather and climate. Going with a PVC flat roofing material is going to extend the life of the roof for as much as 3 times the life of an inferior roof, and will reduce repair costs drastically. So although it seems too expensive on paper, it makes more sense.

Other materials that will drive up commercial replacement costs in Maine come from the added need for protection from the elements in this area. Ice and water shields could be initially pricey, but save you from costly repairs later on. On a flat roof, adding costly tapered insulation could prevent water ponding while reducing your heating and cooling costs.

There are some ways you can save on your commercial roof replacement cost in Maine without compromising on the quality of the roof. Examine the roofing contractor's overhead expenses to see how much you are probably being charged. Are you paying for their pricey advertising and marketing?

Look at your commercial roof replacement cost in Maine as an important business investment and it will be easier to sort through the estimates to come up with the best roof, and not just the cheapest. The quality of your business will be reflected in the quality of your facilities.

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