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In a struggling economy, businesses are fiercely competitive and strive to keep costs down. Facing a major setback such as a failing roof can be an unpleasant but unavoidable expense. Understanding what goes into a commercial roof replacement price in Maine can help you decide what the best way to go is.

The most tempting avenue, when faced with a major expense such as a roof, is to find the most economical solution, which means the cheapest roofing bid. Commercial roof replacement price in Maine, however, is not just about the least expensive installation and materials. It's about how your roof will hold up to the weather and climate conditions in Maine.

Commercial Roof Replacement Price -A Maine Business Guide

The distinctive seasons in Maine, with the extreme temperature changes take a toll on roofing. UV rays from blazing summer sun break down many roofing materials and cause seals and seams to crack. Ice and thaw changes also expand and contract seams and cause them to leak. Heavy snow buildup and rain cause ponding on flat roofs, which will quickly deteriorate most roofing materials.

Choosing a cheaper inferior roofing material can actually drive up your commercial roof replacement price. Maine business owners who are looking at longevity and want to impress customers with quality facilities will know that spending more for a better product will pay off in the long run.

For example, EPDM rubber roofing is popular in commercial roof replacement. The price in Maine is significantly lower than IB PVC roofing. However, with EPDM you will be repairing damage in about 5 years and you'll be lucky to get 15 years out of it. It's unlikely that you'll have repairs with PVC at any time, and its lifespan is closer to 30 years.

The roofing contractor's policies will impact the commercial roof replacement price. In Maine, contractors pay dearly for workmen's compensation and liability insurance. A roofing contractor who isn't adequately insured might offer a cheaper bid, but one that will put your business at risk for liability in the case of a worker's injury or damage.

Another policy that will be reflected in the commercial roof replacement price in Maine roofing contractor's bids is their business overhead. If it's heavy in advertising, you may be paying for an expense that does nothing for the quality of the roof you get. If it's heavy because of quality equipment and skilled staff, it's probably worth it.

Commercial Roof Replacement Experts in Portland Maine

Warranties will also drive up commercial roof replacement price. Maine weather and its toll on roofing makes warranties extremely important considerations, and should include both installation and labor repair warranties as well as manufacturer's warranties on the products used.

Although choosing the least expensive commercial roof replacement price for Maine business owners might save some money at the time, putting out a little extra money initially could save more money in the long run, and even earn your business more revenue. Running a quality business and attracting quality customers is only improved by a quality facility, and this starts with the best protection a quality roof provides.

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