Copper Roof Estimates Maine

Copper roofs are certainly distinctive, and have been seen topping some of the most famous building in the world. The are highly appealing to most people and add elegance and dignity to most any building they cover. About the only thing that's not so appealing: Copper roof estimates. Maine homeowners often drop them straight off their lists of roofing choices when they see the cost a copper roof would be to put on their house.

Copper is a relatively scare material, which drives the price as high as $17 per square foot. It is also unique and on the rare side, and develops a distinct green patina that many people find appealing. These all drive the price as well.

A Copper Roof: Estimates in Maine too High to Consider?

Copper roofing comes in several forms. The least expensive is the copper shingle, at around $8 or $9 per square foot. Seamed panels are one of the most popular roofing applications, but it also comes in a seamless sheet that is measured and fitted to your roof before it's delivered. This method is an ideal choice for many homeowners, but it is also the most expensive.

Copper roof estimates for Maine installation are also higher than many other materials, even though roofing contractors love this material because it is so much lighter than asphalt or concrete and slate tiles. It takes a copper roofing specialist to ensure proper installation and guard against future repairs, and this specialty forces homeowners to pay more for the workmanship.

Copper has several strong points that dealers push to convince people to consider looking at copper roof as a Maine home investment strategy. It's light but very strong, and is known to outlast the structure it protects. Salvage companies compete fiercely for structures with copper roofs because of the price they can get for it as a recycling material.

Another selling point to convince homeowners that copper roof estimates in Maine are worth considering is its fireproof quality. In lushly treed areas, as is typical of many regions and neighborhoods in Maine, this roof could be the saving point of a home in the event of a forest fire.

Falmouth Maine Copper Roof Estimates

Like other lifelong roofing materials, copper roof estimates for Maine homes are based on the fact that extra initial costs are more than made up for by lowered maintenance, low or no repair costs, and certainly very little chance of ever needing to replace it. In the odd chance that you chose to replace a copper roof with another material, you would also get some of your expenses back through selling the copper material.

A copper roof is not going to be for everybody, but that might be one of the most appealing points of having one. If you want your home to stand out from the rest and can afford it, looking at copper roof estimates in Maine might be just up your alley. After all, your home is one of your most valuable investments, and your roof is the single most important thing you can invest in to protect it and add to its value.

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