Cost for Leaky Roof Repair Maine

Not too long ago I found out the real cost for leaky roof repair. Maine homes don't tolerate much exposure to the elements, I discovered, and I paid for my mistake.

I'm bent on saving every penny, and one of the ways I found to do this was to pick up a foreclosure. The price for the foreclosure I found was really not more than most people pay for a car. There's reasons for this, and not just the soft market. This house needed work.

I knew the roof was old and damaged, but hey, the house seemed perfectly dry and roofs are expensive so I decided to put it low on my list of priorities. I didn't foresee having to pay for the cost of a leaky roof repair. Maine houses are built tough, right?

The Real Cost for Leaky Roof Repair: A Maine Story

Lo and behold, as spring came and the snow melted off my roof, I began to notice spots on my ceiling in a couple places. They didn't really feel damp, so I hit them with a stain blocker. A few days later I noticed the carpet was wet underneath. I decided it was time to get up into the attic and take a look. Oh boy, now I was going to learn all about the cost for leaky roof repair. Maine homeowners should know better. I didn't , but I would.

The leaks were substantial and it looked like this had happened before, from the damage to the trusses and sheathing that I found under the insulation. I could see the water dripping in, faster than I'd expected. Icalled a roofer to see about the cost for a leaky roof repair. A Maine emergency specialist agreed to come out. He fixed the leak and charged me about three times what a normal repair would have been!

Cost for Leak Roof Repairs in Scarborough, ME

That's not all. He warned me that I needed to have some of the trusses and sheathing replaced, meaning I'd really need to replace the entire roof. In addition, he advised me to test the house for mold, but luckily I found none. I did have to take precautions in case it showed up in the future, meaning an expensive mold treatment throughout the attic and in the areas inside the house where it leaked.

All in all, by doing the right things I could have avoided the real cost for a leaky roof repair. Maine homeowners need to be aware of how vital it is to keep up with roof maintenance and tend to repairs quickly. If I'd checked under the insulation in the attic after I bought the house, I would have understood that I had serious issues, and certainly the damage would have been much less if I'd had it repaired as soon as I saw it. Just because the house seemed dry didn't mean it was.

Pinching pennies can be costly, much more than the cost for early leaky roof repair. Maine homes are tough, but only as tough as their roofs.

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