Cost for Roofing Maine

When you're considering a new roof on your home, the cost for roofing in Maine is all over the board. You can go as cheap as do-it-yourself installation using three-tab roofing off the shelf of your local box store, or as expensive as a genuine, professionally installed slate roof in designer colors.

Before making your choice there are things to consider that will help you decide how much you want to invest in the cost for roofing. Maine has distinctive seasonal changes that challenge any roof, and so weather and location must be factored in to any decision.

The Cost for Roofing: Maine Homeowner's Planning Tips

If you try to save too much money by choose flimsy, inferior materials, the cost for roofing a Maine home could actually be higher because of maintenance, repairs, and early failure. Your roofing choice should be able to withstand:

Glaring sunlight and UV rays.
Heavy snow load.
Dramatic temperature changes.
Freezing/thawing expansion and contraction.
Humidity and heavy rainfall.
Occasional severe wind and hail
Salt air in the coastal areas.

Once you've determined which materials can hold up to this, it's time to think about what sorts you like. Style, design, material, and grading will all affect the cost for roofing. Maine homes often have distinctive architecture and style, and you want the material you use to complement this if possible.

If you're on a budget you can still consider style. Asphalt shingles are some of the most affordable roofing out there, and now come in architectural styles that are still budget conscious at less than $100 a square (compare this to aluminum roofing, at $600 or more per square, or real slate, that can run over $1000 a square). Even the highest end asphalt shingles, designed to look like real slate, are under $200 a square.

Wooden shingles or shakes are popular and on the low end of cost for roofing. Maine homes, especially in the coastal areas, often have wood-shake exterior siding as well as roofs?it complements the rustic, nautical look that's so appealing.

Cost for Roofing Kennebunkport, ME

Installation is part of the cost for roofing. Maine homeowners are generally recommended to go with a reputable, well-qualified roofing contractor. This may initially seem overly expensive, but pays off in the long run. Poor installation is known to cause a lot of roof failure. A reputable contractor will back their quality work with warranties for their workmanship as well as the materials they use.

The installation cost for roofing in Maine can be reduced if you can keep the existing roof. If you have flat roofing material, one or two layers thick, it's often possible to roof over it, eliminating the costs of removal and disposal, and adding extra layers of insulation.

Remember that the cost for roofing a Maine home is just as much about keeping the costs down in the future and adding value to your home. By investing more in the initial cost for roofing, Maine homeowners will see their investment returned through fewer repairs, a longer lasting roof, and a better looking home that will be worth more.

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