Cost for Townhouse Roof Replacement Maine

Although the cost for townhouse roof replacement in Maine shouldn't be much different than it is for single family structures, there are some considerations. Many homeowner's associations dictate the type, style and color of roofing that can be used in a neighborhood, and this is especially true for townhouses that adjoin or are built closely together.

There may also be homeowner's rules about keeping the condition of your roof in acceptable condition, forcing you to consider much earlier than you would prefer the cost for a townhouse roof replacement. Maine neighborhoods with homeowner's restrictions can be especially unforgiving and strict in their enforcement.

The Cost for a Townhouse Roof Replacement in Maine

Consider the value of your townhouse when considering how much you want to spend. The value should justify the cost for a townhouse roof replacement. Maine homeowners don't need to spend money that they can't recover in the event of a sale, especially in this soft real estate market.

Make sure you know which roofing materials are accepted by your association. It's very likely your best bet will be to stick with the current roofing material, especially if it's asphalt shingles. These are very easy to roof over, assuming that there are no more than two existing layers.

Keeping the old shingles on will reduce the cost for townhouse roof replacement. In Maine, the labor and disposal fees to remove the shingles is expensive, running anywhere from $1-$4 per square foot. If you have a 1000 square foot roof, that's an extra $1000 to $4000 expense you could save!

Doing it yourself can also save you in the cost for townhouse roof replacement. A Maine installation job can run up the costs as much as 15 times that of the materials, depending on the difficulty of the job. Things like valleys, dormers, anything out of the norm will drive the costs up.

If you do decide to have your roof professionally installed, you should still take the time to do your own estimate on materials so that you can assess how much you're actually paying for materials and how much for labor.

Cost for finding the Best Roof Replacement for my Maine Townhouse

At that point, think about the quality of the materials, compared to the cost. The initial cost for townhouse roof replacement, in Maine where the weather challenges all roofing, could bite you later if you use inferior materials because of repairs and early failure.

Also consider who is installing your roof. The cheapest contractor is not always the best contractor, and poor installation will also cost you money in the future. You may be paying extra, but you are most likely buying skills, experience, a good reputation, and pride of workmanship that will save you in the future.

Townhouses are mass produced by companies who are looking to maximize profits. That means that sometimes the construction is not of the highest quality. By investing a little extra in the cost for a townhouse roof replacement, Maine townhouse owners can add protection and value to one of their most valuable assets.

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