Estimate Aluminum Roofing Maine

Two things are certain: Aluminum roofing is not cheap, and aluminum roofing installation is even more expensive. If you are looking for a uniform estimate for aluminum roofing in Maine, you're out of luck. Too many factors affect the pricing.

The closest, quickest estimate for aluminum roofing in Maine is $600 to $1200 per square. That's quite a range. Compare that to an asphalt shingle roofing estimate. It will vary from $200-$400 per square for a complete, installed roof. The difference for asphalt shingles is mostly in material choice, with little differences in job complexity and really no difference in how it's installed.

Understanding Your Estimate for Aluminum Roofing in Maine

One difficulty with an estimate for aluminum roofing in Maine lies with the different types of seams and fastening systems. Is it clipped, screwed or nailed, and what sort of seams are we dealing with? It all affects the price.

Another issue is the type of roof. Since aluminum roofing uses minimal seaming whenever possible, roofs with many valleys, differing slopes and low spots will all challenge installation and raise the price.

A certain factor that drives up an estimate for aluminum roofing in Maine is the manufacturer's demands on certified installers and the roofing contractor's expectations that this is a lifetime installation, and there is no room for error. Contractors obtain specialized training and work to exacting standards in order to ensure that the warranties are valid and that nobody will ever have to deal with a failing aluminum roof.

How to Estimate the Cost of Aluminum Roofing in Maine

Homeowners are sometimes outraged at the difference between her estimate for an asphalt shingle roof and her estimate for aluminum roofing. Maine homeowners have pride in their homes and strive for the best materials, but they are also budget minded. It's important to remember that, although you may spend upwards of $20,000 to $30,000 more for your aluminum roof than asphalt shingles, you will rid yourself of cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and future replacements. This is what you're really paying for.

Consider this: You might pay $6000 to $10,000 for an asphalt shingle roof and $25,000 to $40,000 for an aluminum roof. Your asphalt shingles are going to lift during wind and tear when branches land on them. They're going to curl in the salt air. The harsh sun of Maine summers is going to crack and deteriorate the adhesive between shingles, and the freeze and thaw changes in the winter are going to do the same thing. Shading and moisture are going to cause mold, algae, and moss growth, which further deteriorate the roofing material.

None of those issues will have any effect on aluminum roofing. It will last no less than 30 years, and probably longer than the structure of your house. You don't have to clean it or treat it for growth. You won't be replacing shingles after storms, or pulling out the buckets and tarps in an emergency. All of this has to be factored in when understanding a true estimate for aluminum roofing in Maine.

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