Estimate Asphalt Shingle Roof Maine

Whether you're planning a do-it-yourself roofing project or hiring a roofing contractor, you should know how to create your own estimate for an asphalt shingle roof in Maine. This will help you budget your own project or help you to understand the amount in a contractor bid that goes for materials versus labor.

The first step to estimate an asphalt shingle roof in Maine is to choose your shingle and price it. A common three-tab shingle from your local box store should run around $40-45 a square. Luxury designer shingles can run as much as $155 per square.

The second step is to estimate the square feet of your roof. It WILL NOT be the same square footage as your house! Measure the length of the roof as well as the actual length of each slope, and multiply them. You'll also have to measure any dormers or other roof areas. Triangular areas should be measured by length and length of each slope and then halve the square footage. Add up all your sums to get the full square footage.

How to Estimate an Asphalt Shingle Roof for Maine Homes

Divide that by 100, which will give you the number of squares, which are 10 ft by 10 ft areas, of your roof. If your shingles come priced in bundles, multiply the price of a bundle by 3, which will give you the price of a square. Multiply that by the number of squares and you'll have your estimate for an asphalt shingle roof. Maine homeowners will find this an easy guide, but it's not the only cost in your roofing project.

The cost of other materials, felt, nails, etc is also required, and they add up to about a quarter of your shingle cost. So add another quarter to your shingle estimate. Then add another 10% onto the total for waste. This is really the most accurate estimate for an asphalt shingle roof in Maine.

Getting an Estimate for your Asphalt Shingle Roof in Maine

A good estimate for an asphalt shingle roof in Maine has to include other factors, even if you do it yourself. For instance, if you need to remove and dispose of the roof, this has to be factored in. You can count on your contractor charging you anywhere from $100 to $400 per square for removal and disposal. Doing it yourself can save you significantly, and you also have the option, if there are no more than 1 or 2 layers, of leaving it there and roofing over it.

To consider an estimate for an asphalt shingle roof, Maine roofing contractors will be the most knowledgeable and experienced. Look for a reputable, fully licensed and insured contractor to protect your interests. When comparing estimates, consider the differences in prices in regards to what is being offered. Better warranties and better materials will cost more, but in the long run might be worth it. Understanding the materials cost will give you that edge in deciding which bid to accept and getting the best roof possible for the money.

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