Estimate Commercial Roofing Maine

The title is a little misleading. There's really no way to create a uniform way to estimate for commercial roofing in Maine. It's only when you narrow down your choices in material and your budget can you seek out estimates from competing roofing companies. The time you take in researching material types and costs is the closest you'll come to an estimate for commercial roofing in Maine.

First, take into account you're building's architecture. A sloped roof is going to give you very different options than a flat roof. An older building with classic architecture, not uncommon in Maine, is going to require a roof that matches it in style. A commercial building that has customer exposure to the ceiling might make the addition of skylights or other enhancements worth considering.

How to Estimate for Commercial Roofing in Maine

Many commercial buildings have flat roofs. Your choices are limited to BUR (built-up-roofing), EPDM rubber roofing, sprayed foam roofing, and IB PVC roofing. The problem with flat roofing materials is their tendency to fail. A fair estimate for commercial roofing in Maine has to take this into account. Maine has harsh weather that challenges the materials and especially the adhesive seams of flat roofing. Expansion and contraction from both harsh sunlight and freeze/thaw changes robs the seams of years of life.

Pooling is also a problem on a flat roof, wherever a low spot allows water to stand. Inferior roofing materials will deteriorate quickly under these conditions. For example, EPDM rubber roofing generally begins failing in 5 years if pooling occurs. An IB PVC roof can stand up to pooling for up to 30 years. A less expensive estimate for commercial roofing in Maine is most likely because the contractor recognizes the limited lifespan of the material that is being used. Savings today could mean extensive costs in the future.

An estimate for commercial roofing in Maine is generally cheaper per square than that for a residential home. This is usually because of the scale of the job. More area to work with keeps installers costs lower, as does the lower set-up per square that commercial roofing normally requires. So although your commercial roof might be massive, the more square footage you have to roof, the lower the cost per square should be.

Commercial Roofing Estimates in Southern Maine

Another method to estimate for a commercial roof in Maine is to consider repair as an option over replacement. EPDM roofing in a school would have cost over half a million dollars to replace. They were able, instead, to repair it by replacing faulty seams for just over $50,000.

Whatever you decide, think of it as a business investment. Spending more money initially should pay you back in many ways. Avoiding maintenance and replacement costs will save you money keep you from spending your valuable time dealing with facility maintenance issues.

A quality business is reflected by quality facilities. Investing in quality roofing is one of the best reflections on the quality, overall, of both your business and facility. Any estimate for commercial roofing in Maine needs to take this into account.

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