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When Marjorie and I were first married, we "inherited" a small home from an aunt of hers and by "inherit" I mean that we were given a rather dilapidated home and were expected to take care of it. Though Marjorie refused to look a gift horse in the mouth, I couldn't help but dread this potential money pit that would be a black hole for our income and time. Fortunately, I was quickly proved wrong and was reminded that appearances can be deceiving. Though we needed to address some major repairs - such as installing a new metal roof - everything fell into place and we now have one of the most charming homes on the block.

This was our first time owning a home and certainly both of our first forays into the world of roofing. (A roof - it's on top of the house. Right?) Getting an estimate for metal roof replacement in Maine at first seemed like a tremendous challenge: doesn't everyone have asphalt shingles? Would it sound like we were living in a tin can? And my goodness - what about rust? How long will this roof last?

How We Got an Estimate for Metal Roof Replacement in Maine

Though we were from a world of rentals and calling the landlord when things went poorly, it was now our turn to take on this responsibility. So of course we did the first practical thing: called our parents. Dad suggested that we speak with our neighbors who, he conjectured, also would have the same roofing type. After poking my head out the door I realized that he had surmised correctly.

Our roof replacement was a relatively painless experience that didn't involve much more than introducing ourselves to our neighbors. The previous year they had gotten an estimate for metal roof replacement. And Maine offers a lot of roofers so in addition to our neighborly suggestion we spent some time online researching different companies and seeing what other metal roof replacements they had done.

Gorham, ME Estimate Metal Roof Replacement

By this time, we had an excellent list of roofing resources and we were able to speak with various roofing contractors to get our best estimate for metal roof replacement in Maine. Marjorie and I took the time to meet with various roofing contractors and discuss our concerns and our needs. We wanted all the information that we could get regarding our prospective new roof: what did we need to know for today? During the roof installation? If anything were to go wrong? What could we expect in five years? And what about in another ten years? What would be the future of our roof?

With these questions and more, we went into our estimation process feeling prepared that we would be able to learn everything that we needed to know about costs and budgeting, and care and maintenance. We got an estimate for metal roof replacement in Maine to ensure that we would have a roof that would fit within our immediate needs and budget as well as our long term.

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