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The previous autumn night was host to a fierce thunderstorm. Windows rattled and the electricity flickered. The whole family hunkered down together in the family room as the severe weather beat and battered our house. The next morning, after the storm, I can't say that I was terribly surprised to come outside and discover the pile of tree limbs and branches that thatched our rooftop. The usual grey, fish scale shingles looked like a giant vegetative mess. I spent the afternoon clearing and much to my chagrin I discovered what I could even identify as serious roof damage.

Getting a professional estimate for roofing in Maine is something that most homeowner's will have to do. Whether you moved into a home with a bad roof or if Mother Nature seems out to get you, at some point you will need to prioritize the time to research and interview roofing companies that can provide you with a standard and - hopefully - budget friendly estimate. Roofing in Maine is just one of the many aspects of being a homeowner.

Getting a Professional Estimate for Roofing in Maine

Despite my fears at the horrifying price tag that I assumed would come along with the repair of my roof, I started my research with a cool head and steady hands. Going through the phone book and various online reviews, I started to make a list of companies that I was familiar with through advertisements that I had seen and those that had good feedback available online. Once this list was compiled, I took it with me to work and started to ask around among my friends and co-workers. After all, I certainly couldn't be the only homeowner that dealt with this kind of unexpected disaster!

Get an Accurate Estimate for your Maine Roofing Project

Finally, I settled on a short list of roofing companies that provided onsite visits to estimate roofing. Maine's climate, which often provokes severe weather, encouraged me to deal with this issue quickly and efficiently. Housing damage of this magnitude is never in anyone's plans and it certainly wasn't in my budget. I was dealing with a situation that needed to be dealt with before winter as it was already sneaking up to mid-autumn. And I was also dealing with a potentially extremely costly situation. My priorities though were to repair the storm damages before winter crept up and could lead to possibly even more severe damage resulting from water damages, leaks, or wood rot.

Fortunately, I was dealing with a few knowledgeable and experienced roofing companies that had dealt with time and budget sensitive situations with other climates. Getting a professional estimate for roofing in Maine was relatively painless and, in fact, I got three of them! Thanks to some research and friendly advice I soon found myself with a roofing contractor that could helpfully address my roofing issues and, at an affordable price, complete the necessary repairs and maintenance that my roof required to ensure that my house was inhabitable for my family this winter.

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