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Once upon a time, as far as the eye could see it was slate roofs. Slate roofs with copper detail and copper gutter systems and drain spouts. Today slate roofs are more commonly found on historic buildings and holes. When trying to get an estimate for slate roofing in Maine your priority is to find a competent, informed, and experienced roofing contractor that can properly analyze and repair your roof.

Unfortunately it is quite common that slate roof repair today is done to address poor slate roof repair and fix hash jobs that were done in the recent past. Unlike other roofing materials, slate roofs will often require a higher level of workmanship and specialized knowledge. Ever wonder why slate roofing material is not as readily available at home repair stores? That is because it is not really a do it yourself project. Getting started on a slate roof job will involve going to the professionals for an estimate.

Your Turn of the Century Dwelling and Obtaining a Terrific Estimate for Slate Roofing in Maine

During your estimate for slate roofing in Maine it is essential to inquire how replacement slates are attached. You do not need to be an expert! But this is an important question that an estimator should be able to respond to as well as take the time to explain the process to you - the customer. It is also important to garner information on the actual slates that the estimator suggests using: do they match the slates of your dwelling in size, type, shape, and age? If you do not have a stash of replacement slates handy, how does the estimator propose getting similar slates?

You will also need to ask your estimator how they propose to get around on the roof. Generally, it is not best practice to use ropes and straps for roofers to walk around as this can easily damage other tiles. It is your responsibility to find a roofer that has best practice for slate roof work and replacement. Likely the estimate for slate roofing in Maine is in response to your roof needing to be re-slated. Make sure that this is done properly and by professionals that have the experience that is necessary to qualify them as superior slate workers.

Free Estimates on Slate Roofing Maine

At this point, you are probably more hesitant than ever. But do not be afraid! Having a slate roof is fantastic and places your dwelling as a historical landmark for your community. It is essential to take proper care of this slate roof though, which is why it is encouraged to thoroughly communicate with your estimator and roofer what you want accomplished and how they propose to do it. Do not waste your money and time on a roofing company that cannot adequately accomplish this job.

Getting an estimate for slate roofing in Maine will be a painless experience if you are up front and get the necessary information. Always ask the roof estimator or contractor about their experience and as a homeowner take the time to check out the work the contractor has done.

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