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I always wanted to own a coffee and bakery. As I idled my days away at my desk job I would day dream over lines of gleaming French Presses sweltering hot coffee with steam shimmering above. While I was supposed to be adding columns and calculating rows my mind was more focused on puffed pastries and the number of rolls needed to make excellent croissants. Eventually, all of my toil paid off after I had squirreled away enough money and earned a small business loan to open my own coffee shop and bakery. It did not take me long to find my perfect dream location either: a now out of business French restaurant in a Riviera-esque stucco building with a beautiful patio.

Dreams Come True: Flat Roof Estimates in a Maine Bakery

I was prepared for this. Inspectors were called in and one of my primary concerns was obtaining flat roof estimates. Maine may not be the hot bed for flat roofs when it comes to residential dwellings, but many commercial and business properties are roofed my the common low-pitch roof that provides our downtowns and shopping areas with a boxy appearance. I spoke with some fellow local business owners and received a lengthy list of suggestions for various contractors and estimators that could provide me with flat roof estimates. Maine is the home of rather reckless weather and I wanted to play it safe rather than sorry: there could be no leaks in my new bakery!
I had three roofing companies lined up to provide me with flat roof estimates. Maine has a vast amount of roofing companies to choose from so I suggest starting with some basic internet and advertisement research to find a local roofer and then speaking with people that own familiar roofs in the area. This way, you will have a manageable list and very importantly someone local that you can build a relationship with to address any future roofing issues. Once I had this list, I started scheduling on-site visits so that I could gather information on my roof.

Flat Roof Estimate Raymond Maine

Though the roof estimators and contractors provided me with a great deal of information they were often focused on the price and budgeting. This is why I recommend spending time working on your own list of questions. After all, you are interviewing someone for a job. Be careful not to fall into feeling as if you are being interviewed yourself! I made sure to ask questions regarding roofing design, technologies, and experience. Once I was comfortable with all of the information that I had gathered it was time to make my decision and choose my new employee.
My day dreams had never involved a roofing company, but to make my dream a long lasting reality it was imperative that I do the appropriate research, and spend the time and effort getting flat roof estimates. In Maine I now own my own my own coffee shop and bakery. Things are even going so well that I am considering expanding! Perhaps my most important lesson is not to allow yourself be caught unawares and take the necessary preventative actions for maintaining your roof.

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