Flat Roof Repairs Maine

For our honeymoon, we spent two breathtaking weeks in Key West. Though the downtown of that area is primarily a tourist and cruise ship destination, sweet little bungalows are scattered over the island. My husband and I fell in love with this tropical style: the teak wood ceiling fans, beautiful large slat shutters, and - of course - the quintessential flat roofs of the tropics. We were so taken by our honeymoon cottage that when we returned to Maine and decided to invest in our own home that we wanted a bit of the tropics to stay in our lives. How pleased we were to find a stucco and flat roof home for sale that would help us to recreate the Key West aesthetic!

Snow in the "Tropics," or Flat Roof Repairs in Maine

We quickly learned that a flat roof repair in Maine's climate requires a bit more work than in a tropical zone like Key West. In our part of the world - Portland, Maine, a flat roof is often made with paper that has been dipped in tar or pitch and then assembled along a slight incline that encourages water run to off into a gutter system. (I highly suggest a spouting system that carries the water away from your house!) This tar paper then receives a gravel treatment were a layer of gravel, or a similar substance, is laid over the paper to protect it from the sun's UV rays, which can cause various damages such as cracking and splitting. Unprotected tar paper is a leading cause to poor flat roof maintenance.

Unfortunately, we were oblivious to the gravel factor! Not long after purchasing our home we required a variety of flat roof repairs. Maine offers extensive yellow pages of roofers. After speaking with some co-workers that also owned a home with a flat roof, we quickly gained quality roofers to address all of our roofing concerns. While my husband and I continued to work on the interior of our Key West inspired abode, we left the roof project to the professionals. Though we had failed to get the necessary gravel replacement, we lucked out that damages such as leaking and water damage were not extensive and our roof proved to be an easy and inexpensive fix.

Flat Roof Repairs in York Maine

We did learn a valuable lesson that we would need consistent flat roof repairs for Maine's climate, which largely demanded that my husband and I were ready to take on the responsibility of regular visual inspections as well as hiring a professional inspector every few years to come and walk our roof. After this painless excursion into roof repairs, I was sure to save the number of the roofing company and - like with my dentist's appointment - I went ahead and scheduled a roof inspection for mid-autumn. Just in time for a thorough roof inspection before Maine's winter possibly turned ugly.

With regular flat roof repairs in Maine even we can have our little bit of the tropics! After a frigid February day, there's nothing quite like returning home to our Key West bungalow.

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