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Wendy owns a prosperous hair salon in Portland, Maine. She has run this business for 15 odd years and has always made sure to invest in and maintain the bricks and mortar aspect of her shop as well the business side of things. Recently Wendy was looking over her rooftop - a traditional low pitch, flat roof top that is similar to most shopping strip malls - when she discovered that the gravel was mostly gone; parts of the membrane wore torn; and that there were some mysterious sagging marks that were troubling. Scratching her head Wendy recalled moving into the building with the then brand new roof, but as she adds the years up she realizes that even with the maintenance and repairs that it is probably time to consider replacing her roof.

Time for Your New Flat Top: Procuring Flat Roof Replacement Estimates in Maine

This is an excellent scenario of a customer that is prepared for engaging in the necessary trouble of getting flat roof replacement estimates in Maine. By "trouble" I mean the necessary evil of properly caring for your roof. Despite all of the care and maintenance, the day will come when you will need to consider replacing your roof and you will need to hire a professional roofer and estimator that can discuss your options with you and provide you with correct projected costs for the duration of the replacement.

Many roofing companies will have more familiarity with some types of roofs than others so it is good to try and find a recommendation for or some good reviews on a roofer familiar with your roof type. In this case, Wendy needs a flat roof replacement. Estimates in Maine require little hassle and most customers will simply have to make a phone call to schedule an onsite visit and analysis. Regardless of the reason for the replacement, it is a good idea to shop around and see what roofing companies are available in your community. Get a few different estimates. This not only allows you to price shop, but it gives you access to a handful of roofing experts that can give you some distinctly different opinions on roof potential and treatment.

Flat Roof Replacement - Free Estimates in Maine

Wendy spoke with a neighboring business owner that also owns a building with a flat roof and has recently had a flat roof replacement. Estimates in Maine vary so of course Wendy had the roofer out to examine her roof. Thanks to Wendy's careful care and maintenance over the years the estimator could project no unexpected costs and was able to frankly speak with Wendy about what she could expect price wise. Wendy of course still got a second opinion so that she would have more valuable information and would be able to get the best price tag that she could.

Flat roof replacement estimates in Maine are easy to get, but it is the actual selection that can be tricky. Make sure that you are speaking with a roofer that will actually do work on your roof and that will be available from day one to the point of completion.

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