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Flat roofs, also known as low pitch roofs, are a common roofing structure worldwide that appear in various cultures and across times. Though most often flat roofs appear in more tropical and temperate zones that have lesser temperature differences than our northeastern climate, flat roof replacement in Maine is still a necessity for some.

Rather than the quintessential pitched roof that comes to mind when people think of New England, flat roofs are horizontal. A flat roof often will have a very slight incline, which allows for water to run off rather than gather or pool. Sometimes gutter systems are placed along the edges of the roof to further encourage correct drainage. The roof is covered with a material covering commonly known as a membrane. This membrane can be made of a variety of materials, such as tar, tar paper, metal, and even rubber sheets (usually in industrial cut strips) can also be used.

Seeing the Horizon: Flat Roof Replacement in Maine

By far though, tar and tar paper are the most widely used and are important to keep in mind during a flat roof replacement. Maine has a plethora of roofers to consider and it's extraordinarily important to get the best professional help to care for the long term welfare of your flat roof. One of the biggest enemies for your flat roof is the repair ignorance and the lack of maintenance that will eventually lead to failure. Leaks often go unnoticed for extended periods, which may result in serious and expensive damages. A flat roof replacement in Maine demands quality workmanship for the best results.

A trained professional is highly suggested as any punctures or unevenness in the roof can lead to leaks and serious damage. Flat roofs are generally not a good idea for a do it yourself or home improvement project if you have no roofing experience. Flat roofs can be less forgiving than repairs made on a pitched roof. After the tar or tar paper is installed, the professional that you have hired will then cover this with a fine layer of gravel, or similar covering. This gravel covering is very important to ensure that the tar paper is protected from the sun and UV rays. This will help prevent cracking and other weather and temperature related damages.

Flat Roof Replacement Gray Maine

To make sure that your roof is always properly covered, consider doing regular visual checks of your roof. Consider speaking with the company that installs your roof on how they recommend caring for and replacing this protective layer of gravel. They most likely will have suggestions on self-care for your roof.

Something that is commonly becoming more popular is flat roofs that are termed as green roofs. This is when vegetation has been installed to green your roof. Additionally, some people will use this as additional garden or social space. During your next inspection or flat roof replacement in Maine, consider speaking with a professional about what your roofing options are.

With proper care and maintenance, you can help lengthen the life of your flat roof.

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