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Hi, my name is Alice and I am going to let you in on a little secret about roof inspection. Sure, it may not be the most exhilarating or best secret around, but it is one that your budget will appreciate and one that will help reduce your stress as a homeowner. Roof inspection in Maine is the key to maintaining and preserving your roof.

Now it is not as all complicated as that. I have two roofing reminders programmed into my phone. One, almost like a birthday, is an annual personal inspection of my roof; and the second is a three year reminder to schedule a professional inspection of my roof.

Save Money! Don't Forget Your Roof Inspection in Maine

So what is all of this hubbub about? Well, a personal roof inspection in Maine requires an easy walk around of your home. You will need to get some distance from your home to try and see as much as possible of the roof - such as standing on the edge of your property line - and I encourage that you take paper and pen to mark down any discoloration, missing shingles, or other irregularities that you see. Thoroughly inspect both sides of your roof. And if you are comfortable with heights, pull out a ladder and get a closer look at your roof. You do not need to actually climb onto your roof, but take a look for the tell-tale wear and tear signs that could mean roofing problems. If you do identify problem areas then it is time to call a roofing company and have a professional take a look.

Roof Inspections and Estimates in Southern Maine

And every few years hire a professional for a roof inspection. A Maine roofing company will be more than able to help you if you do not already have a roofing company on standby. For example, if you have had your roof replaced and were pleased with the job then I strongly encourage you to call that original company for feedback. Regardless, a professional roof inspector - sometimes for free and sometimes for a small cost - will come and inspect your roof for you. This is a good idea as a trained roofer will more easily identify roofing troubles and issues.

So why the roof inspection? Maine experiences a great deal of weather! From summer's heat to frigid winter temperatures and (if you are on the coast) salty air - all of these weather and climate related concerns will annually take a toll on your roof. It does not have to be a disaster - such as a lightning strike or a fallen tree - to damage your roof. The toll of UV rays from the sun and the weight of winter's snow is enough to create roof damage and decay.

An annual homeowner's self-inspection accompanied with occasional professional inspection will help lengthen your roof's life. Taking the time and initiative to address small maintenance issues before they explode into more severe and serious issues will also do a great deal to help you save on expenses.

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