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Even the most enthusiastic do it yourselfer will occasionally have to give in and seek professional help when it comes to repair and replacement work. Particularly for home owners, many home repairs and replacements can be terribly expensive and if it is possible to address these issues yourself - then for heaven's sake, why not? After all, in today's economy most people simply do not have the money in their budget to address issues that they can easily address themselves.

However, some times the job is too involved or too large or requires too much specialized knowledge to easily fix and then it is time to call a professional. One of the most important aspects of your house's structure is the roof. Though it is not impossible to care for your own roof - such as repairing the odd asphalt shingle or clearing fallen vegetation off of it - it can be challenging and at times unsafe. Then you will need to hire a roofer. Maine has a plethora of roofing companies to pick from and you may feel overwhelmed on where to start. Here is some advice:

How to Find a Roofer in Maine

First, if you have recently had your roof replaced and you feel that the roofing company did a terrific job then your search for a roofer in Maine stops here! Give them a call and ask them what their price is for a roof inspection and see what maintenance and repairs they suggest. After all, they installed your roof and are thus familiar with the work and materials. Chances are they already have the materials available to them.

But what if you do not have a handy roofer in Maine? Then it is time to speak with your neighbors! Not to mention your friends, family, and co-workers. Ask around and see what roofing companies are recommended. Particularly if you have a common roofing type such as asphalt shingles, chances are you will find that most fellow homeowners have a similar roof. Ask for recommendations, suggestions, and - of course - roofing companies to avoid.

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Once you have created a short list of companies, start calling around. Though you can easily accept any deals or advice that is given to you over the phone, I would strongly encourage you to actually visit the roofing company. Ask them important information regarding their experience, their workmanship, and what kind of customers - homeowners or businesses - that they have worked for. Most importantly, ask for a list of credentials or a portfolio listing the company's prior work.

Hiring a roofer is important and potentially expensive. You should know that you are working with a professional roofing company and one that has the experience and quality workmanship that will provide you with a superb roof in the case of replacement, or a roofing company that will provide you with the necessary stand-up maintenance to ensure that your roof will be well preserved and stand up in our northeastern climate. Take your time when finding a roofer in Maine as it will likely be a long term relationship.

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