Single Family Home Roof Replacement Cost Maine

Anyone looking into the single family home roof replacement cost in Maine is going to find out that it's a relatively complicated process, with a staggering range of prices. It all depends on what you want and what you can afford.

To keep to the strictest budget you may want to do the work yourself. This is a good option for a handy homeowner with a single family home. Roof replacement cost in Maine triples at the very best when hiring a roofing contractor to install it, and depending on the type of roof can run into the tens of thousands.

Single Family Home Roof Replacement Cost in Maine

Another way to keep your single family home roof replacement cost in Maine as low as possible is to leave the existing roof on. If you have asphalt shingles (three-tab roofing) and there are no more than two layers existing, you can roof right over them. It doesn't have to be asphalt shingles either, Most metal roofing will go over asphalt, as will wooden shingles or shakes.

By leaving the roof on, you will save on the removal and disposal fees?even if you do it yourself, you'll have at least the disposal fee for the tonnage. In addition, it will save you time and will add an extra layer of insulation to your home, which will save you in energy.

Your materials vary widely in price. Asphalt shingles are the number one choice for most homeowners with a single family home. Roof replacement cost in Maine can be done for less using this material than any other. Even if you have it professionally installed, the installation is generally less expensive than other materials, and can be much cheaper. For instance, you might pay $100-$200 a square (10 ft by 10 ft area) for asphalt shingle installation, but $600 to $1000 a square for metal roofing!

How to Find the Best Roof Replacement Cost in Maine

Although you may be trying to keep costs as low as possible, keep in mind that one of your most valuable investments is your single family home. Roof replacement cost for Maine homeowners is just one factor. Your roofing value is also in the lifespan of your roof, and its ability to hold up to the weather and conditions. In Maine, this can be challenging.

A Maine roof has to withstand blazing summer sun and the damaging UV rays. It will also be subject to heavy snow loads and the radical expansion and contraction that comes with a heavy freeze and rapid thaw. A Maine roof is likely exposed to leaf debris and tree shade, which keeps your roof damp and promotes mold, algae, and fungus growth. There is also the issue with coastal salt air that some roofing materials don't fare well with.

Although you surely want to keep on budget with your single family roof replacement cost, in Maine this could cost you later on through maintenance, repairs, and early replacement costs. Take this into consideration when making such an important and long-term decision.

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