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Slate is one of the most desirable, attractive, and long lasting roofing materials on the market. It has been popular through the ages, sheltering the finest buildings as well as some of the most elegant homes. However, when it comes to roofing materials, slate tops most for price. Slate roof estimates in Maine blow them off many homeowner's list of roofing choices.

There are reasons that slate roof estimates in Maine are higher than many materials estimates. One of these is the high cost of installation. Another is the weight of the slate, which requires special reinforcement for most buildings. The other is its life span and aesthetic appeal.

Slate Roof Estimates: Maine Guide to Roofing Specialists

Slate stone is a natural product, striking in its array of colors, mottling and veins, and known for its rugged durability. Slate roofing can last indefinitely if installed properly and maintained well. And really, there's not much to maintaining slate roofing outside of keeping it clean and safe from tree fall.

Slate ages gracefully and enhances anything it rests upon, from historical government buildings to newly constructed homes. In Maine, it's particularly desirable as a locally produced product, especially because of the unique Maine strain of a deep blue/black marbled stone.

That said, it's not seen enough on Maine homes. That could change, however, as certain slate roof estimates in Maine have dropped by about half. We can thank modern technology for the drop in price, which delivers us a better material for a much lower cost.

A new slate shingle has been engineered so that the half of the shingle that lies hidden under an upper shingle is now made of fiberglass rather than stone. This halves the weight, making it an option for even light constructed homes. In addition, it's much cheaper to produce, which lowers the cost by about half.

Slate Roof Estimates in Biddeford Maine

Add to that the easier installation, using the lighter, more flexible fiberglass-slate combination shingles. Installation has always been a major factor in high slate roof estimates. Maine homeowners pay as much as ten times the cost of materials for installation! However, without a slate specialist with vast experience, highly skilled staff, and excellent equipment, there is a greater chance for classic slate shingle failure and damage later down the road.

The quality of installation is still important, and should, with this engineered slate, be left to experts with experience using this material. The roofing contractor should be able to show you a portfolio of similar jobs and give you a reference list to check up on. The contractor should also be licensed and fully insured and stand behind both the material and the work with solid warranties. These may raise the pricing on slate roof estimates. Maine homeowners who invest this extra amount will be assured of a quality, long-lasting roof.

It's exciting to think of how accessible slate roofing has become. Checking out the newest slate roof estimates in Maine could be your first step in an amazing investment for one of your most valuable investments?your home.

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